A Luke at Japan

Japan. The land of the rising sun.  These are the voyages of Luke Summerhayes. His one-year mission; to seek out everyday life and ancient history, to explore a strange new world, to boldly (and baldly) go where every nerd has gone before!

Part 36: 2 Fukuoka 2 Furious

Not having had much opportunity to meet people and experience the night life, and the weather being too awful to enjoy the parks and seaside to their fullest, my Fukuoka experience was a bit naff. Even the Pokemon Centre was lacking without the city-specific local flavour of the Hiroshima and Kyoto branches.

The night before my last day, I popped on Youtube and looked for videos about the city, to see if there were cool sights and attractions I was missing out on.


Everything I watched showed me the same park, castle and restaurant I’d already stumbled across on my own. The Canal City mall, once futuristic and now charmingly nineties, was right by my hostel.

The weirdest part was when a youtuber, who I was vaguely aware of thanks to his connection to other guys I watch, did a tour of the very hostel I was staying in. It was quite a surreal experience, like finding your house in Google Street View for the first time. Part of me almost expected him to burst into my dorm with a camera.

As it happened, I hadn’t really missed anything in Fukuoka. Maybe I’m actually pretty good at this exploring Japan lark?