A Luke at Japan

Japan. The land of the rising sun.  These are the voyages of Luke Summerhayes. His one-year mission; to seek out everyday life and ancient history, to explore a strange new world, to boldly (and baldly) go where every nerd has gone before!

Part 58: Naramachi Mechanical Toy Museum

This one I stumbled upon completely by accident. It was a cool little place though, part of an historic Japanese house. It wasn't big or fancy, just one room, lots of little tables covered in classic toys of the kinds enjoyed by children one or two hundred years ago.

I was welcomed by an old gent who enthusiastically showed me the various toys. I made little men hammer tofu in what seemed like a prototype Rock Em Sock Em Robot. I used a fan to spin a dial and make little characters dance, or puleld ons trings to make a monkey climb a rope.

One of my favourites was a hoop on a string which I flung up and stabbed in my first try, to much amazement, only to be completely unable to repeat the trick.

Entry was free and for a small walk out of one's way in Nara, it was well worth a visit to see some cute little curiosities.