Time is a Meaningless Construct of Human Perception, Even for the NX

Time is a dimension, like length, breadth and depth. Human beings experience time as a constant force in our lives; we are literally incapable of seeing outside of it. Even when we talk about it metaphorically, we talk about “moving forwards in time”, but movement is by the very definition dependent on time. It is a position changing between two times.

In reality, time is a malleable, expansive dimension. Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity posited that gravity and movement can impact the pace at which one moves through time, and since then this has been conclusively proven and explored at length. To suggest that our perception of time is anything more than a construct of our minds is the height of human arrogance.

In a sense, then, the Nintendo NX is already out. It has been out for a thousand years, it won’t be out for a thousand years. In four-dimensional space, all events occur simultaneously. As three dimensional beings, we just can’t quite get our heads around that.

Slightly more grounded than this metaphysical debate, the release date of the NX; revealed at this E3 or next, released this Christmas or a thousand Christmases hence, is irrelevant. Human beings, even in our own narrow understanding of time, have existed for but a fraction of a fraction of the time life has been on Earth, which is but a fraction of the Earth’s own lifespan, which is a smaller fraction again of the life of the universe.

That universe is still in infancy. The future extends ahead of us like an ocean before a raindrop. The ripples our entire species will make in the pond that is existence are negligible, the release of one children’s computer toy an inconsequence.

It’ll probably be good though. I’ll get it day one whenever it comes out.