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Great Bargains For Playstation 4

You got that PS4 console and you got some Christmas money but only enough for that one big game or do you go to CEX (other used stores are available) and get a load of games for the same price.


Now that year two is underway and your mates talking about this game, you need to jump into the Destiny universe. You can get the base game of year one for under £10 in this FPS from the creators of Halo.

Infamous First Light:

This is prequel to another Infamous Second Son which is also on PS4 but myself preferred the overall story of First Light playing as Fetch in this action adventure title which can also can be found for under £10 and Second Son for around that price as well. 

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD:

It may be a HD port but this game in till now made it's way over from Japan where it was a PSP tilte. Type-O is a teamed based Final Fantasy set within a school and is a fantastic JRPG on the PS4 and is about £12.

Dragon Age: Inquisition:

Want a huge open-world epic on the cheap then look no further then DA:I which let's you make your character and then choose your adventure along the way in this fantasy RPG. 


Tearaway Unfolded:

A great 3D platformer which even feels to close to what Nintendo puts out, that's how this criminally over looked game. 

That's 5 games covering most genres for less then that new big budget title. 

Downloadable Darlings

Downloadable titles lineup on the PS4 is fantastic with some great games such as Journey, The Unfinished Swan, Thomas Was Alone coming over from the PS3 which I've you already own you can download again for free and maybe earn new trophies but you want new games.

Life is Strange:

Difficult to talk about without spoiling, this exploration of adolescence is the most touching story of 2015. Just make sure to stick it out past the first episode, which can grate for those out of touch with their inner awkward teen. If you want more episodic games then check out Telltales offerings as well.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture:

You may look at this and go it's a walking simulator which is true but the narrative is so dam good that you want to walk all the way through and listen to maybe the best soundtrack of 2015 which if wasn't there would make a dramatic difference to the game. 


You play as a mute singer with a giant talking sword in one of the best game of last year, yet alone just downloads with a fantastic art style, excellent RPG style gameplay, story and soundtrack.

Child of Light:

A JRPG from Ubisoft of all developers running in the Ubiart engine. Again where the focus is story but told in rhythms, this is a must play.

Rocket League:

A game without a story in this football with cars game, which is simple but is just fun with a bunch of mates and scoring some goals.


PS2 Classics:

A recent announcement from Sony, that there is PS2 classics now on PS4 and with PlayStations long history we could see hundreds of classics from the PS2 and hopefully the PS1 as well.

The Best Exclusives on PlayStation 4


You may of heard of this one after numerous problems getting off the line but now with numerous updates and very active community of driving fans along with DLC content that includes bikes. This is the best racing experience on PS4.  

The Last of Us Remastered:

One of the most acclaimed games of the PS3 has made it's way to the PS4 now looking even better of this story driven epic. And unlike the original release, this includes the DLC Left Behind which may even be better then the main story and multiplayer isn't bad either.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection:

More from Naughty Dog here with these three great cinematic action adventure experiences updated for the PS4. With the fourth entry coming in March, this is a great time to catch up on the series. 


From the makers of the Souls series comes this atmospheric Action-RPG where you must be prepared to die a lot and learn how to master the game.

Until Dawn:

A surprise hit of 2015 in supermassive's teen horror which takes inspiration of movies such as Wrong Turn and game mechanics similar to Heavy Rain where your choices matter. 

You can even check out my review

Even after all those, there’s two year’s worth of multi-console behemoths like Metal Gear Solid V, Destiny, the Witcher III and Life is Strange to choose from. And coming next year we have Uncharted 4, Street Fighter V, new IP Horizon: Zero Dawn and huge RPG's like Persona 5.

Setting Up Your PlayStation 4

Take your PlayStation out of the box and plug it in as soon as you unwrap it. Unlike in the days of the Mega Drive, when you start using one of today's Big Black Boxes of Power, you won't be playing anything until your turkey is already digesting. 

 Zelda on PS4 confirmed

Zelda on PS4 confirmed

The first thing you’ll want to set up is your PSN Account. If you’ve got or had a PS3 or VITA before this is rather simple as you can carry over your PSN Name and keep earning those Trophies, otherwise have your email address at the ready to make a new PSN account.

 I like free

I like free

If you own a games machine in 2015, you’re presumably planning to play online. To do that with PS4, you need a Plus account. Worth setting up straight away, this will net you bunch of free games each month across the PlayStation family.

Just follow the simple steps and you’ll becoming a legend in no time on Destiny. 

If it’s not gaming you want to do then the PS4 runs apps like Youtube, Netflix, Twitch and the WWE Network.  Which you just to have the associated account to use the relevant ones.  

If you download the PlayStation App to your smart device, you can check your notifications, buy things of PSN, watch your friends playing and more.