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Great Bargains For Playstation 4

You got that PS4 console and you got some Christmas money but only enough for that one big game or do you go to CEX (other used stores are available) and get a load of games for the same price.


Now that year two is underway and your mates talking about this game, you need to jump into the Destiny universe. You can get the base game of year one for under £10 in this FPS from the creators of Halo.

Infamous First Light:

This is prequel to another Infamous Second Son which is also on PS4 but myself preferred the overall story of First Light playing as Fetch in this action adventure title which can also can be found for under £10 and Second Son for around that price as well. 

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD:

It may be a HD port but this game in till now made it's way over from Japan where it was a PSP tilte. Type-O is a teamed based Final Fantasy set within a school and is a fantastic JRPG on the PS4 and is about £12.

Dragon Age: Inquisition:

Want a huge open-world epic on the cheap then look no further then DA:I which let's you make your character and then choose your adventure along the way in this fantasy RPG. 


Tearaway Unfolded:

A great 3D platformer which even feels to close to what Nintendo puts out, that's how this criminally over looked game. 

That's 5 games covering most genres for less then that new big budget title.