The GNamer Podcast: Episode Two

On the second episode of the GNamer Podcast, the gang chat about what they've been playing, discuss Nintendo's new New Nintendo 3DS, and in a rare turn of events have a somewhat intellectual discussion about storytelling in videogames in relation to Telltale's plethora of adventure games. Oh, and there's chat about awkward mannequin sex, so look forward to that.

To hear the lovely intro and outro music, be sure to check out Masofdas's YouTube channel podcast upload.


Chris "Masofdas" Pengilly - The host, and a female elf

Luke "Drunkalilly" Summerhayes - The regular, but don't ask him about John Cena 

James "JayMoyles" Moyles - Used the term "going at it like awkward mannequins" and got away with it

Patrick "Balladeer" Kielty - Consoling you about consoles.