The GNamer Podcast: E3 Spectacular Part One

In this riotous look back at E3, the GNamer Podcast (sans the intrepid Drunkalilly) take a look in their fifth episode at what the big 3rd party conferences had to offer at E3. Laugh as we poke fun at sports games! Cry as Andy and Jay gush about Fallout 4! Gasp as the GNamer Podcast breaks huge news about the PC Gaming Show! 

Expect Part Two in your very near future, along with a very special outtake reel.


Chris "Masofdas" Pengilly - The Usurper Host

Andrew "Andyman" Rice - Literal Hoop Gawd.

James "JayMoyles" Moyles - Using the thought of Fallout 4 to get him through the editing process.