Sparkle 2

"Sparkle 2 is an addictive, easy to pick up and play match-three marble shooter. As you would expect from this type of game, the goal is to line up three marbles of the same colour to make them vanish"


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Ever Oasis

Sand, sand, sand, as far as the eye can see... but enough about emptying my shoes after going on holiday! It's time for us to knuckle down to Ever Oasis, Nintendo and Grezzo's desert 'em up, and see if it's more prickly than a cactus or more sweet than a bottle of Oasis. With some extra sugar spooned in. Or something.

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To The Moon

"Quirky indie RPG with no combat and made in RPG Maker? Instant hard pass," you might be thinking. Let Gintendo persuade you to change your mind... much like the player characters do to the real lead character of the game. More inside.

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