By Andrew Rice

Does spinning around in a limo sound like your kind of thing? Look no further!

Roundabout is not in fact a game about the circle in the middle of a road that cyclists fear and dread, but is instead all about Georgio Manos, the worlds first spinning limo driver. The game is set in the city of Roundabout and is about taxiing a bunch of crazy customers through the various perils lying around in the streets.

The gameplay consists of weaving between cars, lamp posts and other hazards to complete a course and see the next cheesy B-movie style cutscene. During these stages there are various collectibles to grab to score money and increase you points bonus. At heart this is a score attack game and I believe with a decent collection of friends on the leader board it could be a lot of fun to try and out-do each other.

Each stage also has a variety of side objectives that you can complete, including criteria such as no death runs, speed runs and collectible runs.

Out in the city there are a few other type of collectibles to grab, however there are simply too many for a game of this size. Money collectibles are a nice boost as a lot of the customisations on the limo are incredibly expensive, however the jumping collectibles seemed largely pointless.

The story was one of the most interesting parts and it was very amusing seeing our silent protagonist interacting with her crazy regulars, as well as her love, Beth.

Unfortunately when roaming the city freely getting around felt like a bit of a chore. The levels themselves seemed very well designed, but with the scale of the city you would often hit a point that works well whilst in the level, but when you just want to start the next mission would prove near enough unpassable.

Overall this is a fun quirky game that I would definitely recommend if you fancy a quick bit of fun.