Life is Strange Episode 1

The game plays in a similar adventure-vain as the telltale games as you control Max whom is a very real female character that you move around and select icons like looking at poster.

What makes this different is the ability to turn back time which sounds like a cool concept but after you do something, Max speaks her thoughts in her mind which makes you feel like you've mad the wrong choice. So you rewind and do the other option, so at the end when you get the % screen at the end which shows the choices you made compared to other people and everyone seems to have made the same choice due the game making go back & do what feels like the right choice.

Added to that is something that reminds me of the classic Beyond Good & Evil, the ability to take photos some of these are part of the story some are little extras like taking a picture of a beer drinking squirrel (Sorry it's not Conker) which gives you a Trophy and adds to your journal which has a some backstory in there along with bio's of characters etc.

The story aspect seems to be only touched on in Episode 1 but I would like to see what happens to Max and her friends. I'm not in a hurry to download the £13.99 EP2-5 season pass right now but will likely go for that near the time of it's release.

The game also boast what seems a rather vocal based soundtrack such as this from the start and even some from Alt J.

I would recommend trying this out if you like story-driven adventure games that for once is set in it's own IP and for £3.99 EP1 is worth a punt.