PlayStation VR Reviews - Ace Banana, Harmonx Music VR, VR Worlds and SuperHyperCube

I’ve had the opportunity to play many PlayStation VR games for review and I have recently reviewed Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

With Keep Talking, I wanted to talk about the idea of asymmetric co-op in VR, now I’ve just finished playing a bunch more games for PSVR.

With that in mind, over these next few weeks I’m going to talk about some of these PSVR games in sort of a hub with more reactions then a review on here, unless I feel I’ve got plenty to talk about and the game deserves its own review on the site, as this will help not spam the site with just content from myself and people who want to see PSVR can find them all in one place during this year at least.

If you want to see lets plays (If Twitch/YouTube works) and more info on a certain game, then you could check out my personal YouTube channel masofbioz and watch the video series Enter the PlayStation VR.

For now, though the first bunch of PSVR games I want to talk about:

Ace Banana is from Chinese studio Oasis games who have four PSVR games in the works, with Ace Banana being the first to come out.

In the game, you play as banana who must protect more bananas from being stolen from monkeys. To do this you use a bow and arrow which is a snake tied together and you use plungers as the arrows.

This seems to be playable with the Dual Shock 4 but I found using the move the best way to play as you out one out in front and then use the other to pull back and then fire at the monkeys to stop them getting your bananas over continuing waves, which get harder by introducing different monkey type along with boss battles after certain waves.

The game is colourful and simple, that it might be a great game to show your kids who want to play on PSVR but part from that and after a 1hr or so then it gets rather repetitive.

This is more of an experience then a game as you have four modes which includes two where you don’t use a controller at all and just listen to the music with in the game or you have uploaded to your PS4.

Various things happen whilst listening to the music, one is real laid back on a beach unless you look at certain objects then it all goes psychedelic and the other mode with just much is just the psychedelic trip.

The other two modes include easel which is a painting mode where you paint in a 3D space and what you paint reacts to the music. I liked easel and wish it was more robust and was some sort of 3D painting guide like the Art Academy games.

The last mode is set in a high school on prom night and you control Claymation characters by moving their limbs to the music once this is done then sit back in DJ booth where you scratch a turntable and more.

You can do one more thing in this mode which goes into a bird eye view mode where you can pick up the characters and move them and even chucked them through the basketball hoop.

HMVR hasn’t got much to do that the only thing I can recommend this for is something to ease people into VR.

One of the big launch games from Sony themselves in these five games they show what you can do with your PSVR headset.

The games are Ocean Descent which doesn’t use a controller and is game you can just sit back and watch what’s going on around you with all the lovely fish. Ocean Decent is a great starting point for VR but once you’ve done it once you don’t need to go back and play.

Next up you’ve Dangerball which is basically pong but you use your head to hit the ball back against various opponents. The thing that lets Dangerball down is lack of online multiplayer, which would have been interesting to play online VR Pong with someone.

Then we have Luge which is you strapped to a skateboard and heading down a hill real fast, your head control the movement yourself and the board. This is by far the weakest game in the collection as it doesn’t offer anything.

Scavengers is game number four. This one uses the dual shock 4 to control a mech like suit with the sticks and fire at enemies which your head to look where you want to fire. Scavengers is intense VR experience with three things possibly moving at one time, that if you only pick up VR Worlds then you could go from Ocean Descent then to Dangerball then to Scavengers and ease yourself into the VR experience.

I leave the best for last in VR Worlds which is London Heist a London gangster themed adventure where you use the Move controllers to grab items with your virtual hands such as guns then you get the idea.  London Heist is just silly fun with the over the top cockney characters and mob scenes playing out in front of you.   

VR Worlds is an odd one to recommend as it is a great starting point for VR and has lots of different ways to play the games but no multiplayer and some things like Ocean Descent having no replay value along with being over in 10 minutes. It may be worth waiting for a sale or getting it in a bundle.

Every system seems to have that one great puzzle game, the Game Boy had Tetris, Dreamcast had Chu Chu Rocket, Xbox 360 had Hexic. They may all be very different but were fun to play and of a high quality.

Super Hyper Cube is PSVR’s answer for a great puzzler, it may be simple as all you need to do get a block through a hole in a wall but after each wall a block is added, then the time between getting the block through each hole becomes quicker, then the walls start rotating, then if you’re me you hit the blocks against the wall and its game over.

Yet is it fun, sure is and why is this great in VR you may as well you can look around your block in the middle of the screen seeing all the blocks added to it and makes much easier to understand on how you should have block setup to go through the hole.

Highly recommend if you like puzzle games and own PlayStation VR.

I hope you enjoyed this and comeback some more thoughts on PlayStation VR games and software.