Rainbow Moon (PS4)

Rainbow Moon

Platform:PS Vita, PS4, PS3

Developer: SideQuest Studios

Disclaimer: The code for this PS4 game was obtained for free, from a source that had obtained it for free from the developer.

Rainbow Moon is a curious balance of quality versus value for money. First of all what is Rainbow Moon? Well, it's a turn based grid based strategy-RPG that has been released periodically across PSN, starting on PS3, then Vita and Now PS4.

The Game begins with our main hero knight being tricked into a portal to a distant realm by an evil wizard, when you arrive you battle some goblins, do quests for the local villagers and build a larger stronger team. Sounds generic doesn't it? Well to be honest, it is. The art style is nice but looks low budget compared to larger budget rivals.... again, that fair enough. The music sounds familiar but isn't of a high enough standard to really stick with you throughout but again this is a cost thing.

The battle system is a little bit simple but it works well enough. Genre standards such as covered terrain, Side and Back attacks and Magic resistances play a huge part in the way the battles go. It works really well on PS4 with a perfect frame rate, quick load times and the added bonus of cross save across all three versions but it doesn't really add any features to the previous releases. Personally, I think this game shines on the VITA where a long game like this really gets its pick up and play strength.

The area where the game really shines is content. There is a LOT of content. From start to finish the game took me around 80 hours and by the end I was rushing to the end for the sake of other games (I'm looking at you Uncharted 4).

So back to my first statement and why this review is so short and has been so hard for me to write. The game is okay, it does nothing badly but nothing feels special. There is a ton of good quality content for its meager £15 price point but again, its not special enough to really get you invested in its world.

Overall, if you have £15 to get a game on PSN and won't be picking up another game for a while then Rainbow Moon is a great choice. If you have the money for something a little more interesting then you will more than likely forget about Rainbow Moon.